Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Emilie

I suppose most everyone in this country was affected in some way by the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary last week. And I'm no exception. The first person to publicly speak about one of the victims was the father of Emilie Parker - a beautiful little blond-haired, blue-eyed girl who looked as if the traditional image we see of angels might have been modeled after her. Her father described her as an incredible artist. That was what grabbed me. When I was her age I was a little blond, blue-eyed budding artist myself, so it really "hit me where I live" so to speak. I knew at that moment I had to paint something for Emilie. 
My first thought was to paint something and send it to her parents anonymously, but I knew they would be inundated with cards and letters and gifts as it was (even if I knew how to get it to them - which I didn't). It also seemed intrusive somehow. If I'm being honest, I suppose I was also afraid they wouldn't like it and maybe it would insult them. (Artists always fear rejection.)
So, then I thought I might just put it on my facebook and hope that, somehow, it would find it's way to them. My fear, then, was people would believe that I was trying to capitalize on the tragedy. (It isn't possible to post to facebook anonymously.) This is something I would never do, but people who don't know me wouldn't know that.
I suppose I could've done one and just never shared it at all but that seemed wrong too. What is the point in honoring her with a painting that would never be seen by anyone? And my point is to honor her memory.  
Still, I knew I had to paint something for her. So I did. I had seen a picture of her wearing a pink sweater so I did it all in pinks. I added a big, twinkling pink heart because most little girls like hearts and because she so captured mine
This is my painting for Emilie - my fellow artist:


Sunday, May 20, 2012

 Occasionally, off-the-wall things strike me funny and sometimes from that comes a design. This is one of those times. From something that struck me funny on an episode of American Dad.